Safe Tourism GoTurkey

Safe Tourism is an application certifying the safe tourism concept covering the whole course of travel of our domestic/foreign guests from their arrival at any airport in Turkey until their return home/departure from our country. All our guests will be able to travel comfortably and safely with Safe Tourism which has been prepared in accordance with general instructions and guidelines published by ministries following intensive collaborative work. 

The facilities, categorized in six main titles -namely Accommodation, Food and Beverage, Culture, Art and Congress, Sea Tourism, Theme Parks and Tour Transfer Vehicles- are evaluated in accordance with the criteria forms prepared in accordance with international standards. The certification process of tourist facilities is carried out by international audit companied that have been authorized by the Ministry. Establishments that wish to apply for this verification program, which is compulsory for the accommodation facilities with 50 and more rooms (30 and more by 01. 01.2021) and they must be certified for the period they are in operation. Certification is non-compulsory for facilities with less than 50 rooms (less than 30 by 01.01.2021).